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How do I take care of my upholstery?

How do I take care of my upholstery?

Posted by "Jay The Table Guy" on Sep 20th 2023

How do I take care of my upholstery?

Protect your patients from harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens left behind by regular cleaning of your chiropractic table upholstery. Make sure to use approved cleaning agents for your table as not to void your warranty by the manufacturer.

Clean after each patient with a mild cleaning solution. 10% mild household liquid dish soap & warm water work best. After cleaning, rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

For Stains, you can mix a (1:1 ratio) solution of Fantastik® and water or Formula 409® and water. Use a damp cloth to rub and dab gently until stain lifts. If the stain is difficult, dampen a soft, white cloth with a solution of household bleach and water (10% bleach 90% water) and rub gently until stain lifts. Rinse with a damp cloth until bleach concentration is gone.

DO NOT use cleaning agents that contain alcohol, harsh chemicals, or abrasives. Using improper cleaning agents may crack, dry out, or destroy your vinyl which could result in a VOIDED warranty from the manufacturer.

Take a look at some of our replacement upholstery options for your Spinalator Table.

Top Upholstery

Top Upholstery with Foam

Top Pad

Top Pad & Head Pillow

Sail Cloth

or you can purchase a whole new top which includes new foam, upholstery, and sail cloth as a kit

We also offer bolsters head pillowselastic liners, and more.

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